** after speaking to Erin , we can bring the day back but A1 rentals did make it right for me Thank you and I appriciate your reponse and caring for customers . Me and my husdband rented speaker , lights and other equipment. 1st they forgot to add few items when we came to pick up but yet they marked it on the list as its there, i had to come back and the girl ran up to me " oh you forgot the stand" why didnt no one call to advise a piece was missing ? Also im super dissapointed in the speaker. It was suppost to work for at least 2 hours wireless.. i had on charge right up till the ceremony. Worked for 30 min and stopped while i was walking down the aisle in silence. Thanks for ruining my one day! When i told the girl at reception that the speaker died on us she just said " oh weird" .no disscount nothing was even offered.
August 29, 2018 via Google